Verdasco’s parting shot

2013 AEGON International, Feliciano LOPEZ, Fernando VERDASCO, News, Players

Fernando Verdasco quarter-finalsFernando Verdasco, narrowly defeated by his Spanish team-mate Feliciano Lopez, has blasted the light drizzle and slippery conditions for bowing out of the 2013 AEGON International.

The Spanish star fumed: “I tried my best with the conditions how they were, but the conditions were not right to play even before the match.

“The ball was slippery and I played well, but the conditions were better for him. The court was dangerous for both of us, we had to be careful.

“I noticed that at the end of the first set there was soft rain there, but they just wanted me to play no matter what.

“If I had said that I don’t want to play then I would get fined. I wanted to go from the court because I didn’t feel good. I wasn’t in the situation to say that I’ll go, but I would have liked to have been in the semi-finals.

“His sliced backhand bounced even lower because of the conditions, making it very difficult to attack him.

“But if someone gets hurt then who is responsible? Not the ATP Tour for the conditions of the court. I just kept playing and trying.

“I thought to myself, if I win I win. But if I lose then I’ll just go to Wimbledon because I know I am playing well.”


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