2013 AEGON International, Parking, Visitors

parking in eastbourne


Locals attempt to cash in during the tennis event by charging £10 and upwards to park on their property. Beware of the claims the money is going to charity, although some may be genuine. The best bet is to use the three official car parks, as they are all linked to Devonshire Park by a special shuttle service bus during the tournament. There are two NCP car parks, situated at Ashford Road and Trinity Place, plus a special makeshift car park at the Saffrons Cricket Ground in Meads Road.


Parking is always at a premium during the popular tournament, and will be much more difficult to claim a space in 2011. With the men’s ATP Tour playing alongside the women’s Sony Ericsson WTA Tour, there will – in theory – be twice as many vehicles as previous years when only the ladies event was played. Because parking restrictions have been imposed in Eastbourne town centre since early 2009. The parking enforcement officers will be out in force to swiftly deal with anyone dumping their vehicles on double yellow lines and/or private properties – you’ve been warned!

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