Centre Court guide

2013 AEGON International, Visitors

Devonshire Park is a world class arena, and plays host to Davis Cup matches, County Cup finals as well as the traditional grass court tournament held the week before the Wimbledon Championships. 

But with four very different stands, it is worth choosing with care where to find the most suitable seating at Eastbourne. And do remember that the town is known as “the sunshine coast” for a reason, so bring your sun lotion.

North stand

NORTH STAND | This is the most popular place to sit, as it is set behind the baseline. Arguably the best seating on Centre Court if you want to join the traditionally vocal crowd and soak in the sunshine. It is fairly well known that Eastbourne is famously known as ‘the sunshine coast’.

>> In the event of evacuation exit at gates 5 & 6.

east stand

EAST STAND | This has, over many years, proved to be most popular with those regular fans who turn up annually to watch world-class tennis at Devonshire Park. Positioned on the side of the Centre Court, these seats attract the local sunshine all day (so do bring your sun lotion).

>> In the event of evacuation exit at gates 6 & 7.

South stand

SOUTH STAND | Offers exactly the same view as the TV cameras, which is useful if you are going to watch most of the tournament from the comfort of your own home. Tickets are usually available on the day for the South Stand, except for the semi-finals and finals, and is where the players’ entourage and coaches sit.

>> In the event of evacuation exit at gates 7 & 8.

West stand

WEST STAND | This seems to host a more conservative bunch of fans than any of the other stands. They generally are a more reserved but civilised bunch, so do not expect many quips from the West Stand. However, once the sun starts dropping it tends to leave fans shivering in the shade, so bring a jumper or two.

>> In the event of evacuation exit at gates 5 & 8.

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