Bartoli backtracks on FFT blast

Marion Bartoli, News
By Neil-Monticelli Harley-Rudd

Marion-Bartoli on OlympicsMarion Bartoli, the defending Eastbourne champion, is prepared to take on the French Tennis Federation (FFT) after the 2012 Olympics but wants to clarify their relationship.

Bartoli, who made a swift 2nd Round exit from Roland Garros, is looking forward to the grass court season that suits her unorthodox style but fuming that she isn’t getting to play at SW19 for the Olympic Tennis Competitions.

The ex-Wimbledon runner-up was reported to have informed a journalist that because the FFT refused to nominate her for the London Games, that she was not frightened to go to “war” with FFT once the Olympics have concluded.

Bartoli could have been nominated by the FFT as a wildcard because she is within the world’s top 10, but the FFT have refused to consider this.

Under Olympic Tennis rules, each player has to have represented their nation twice over an Olympic four-year cycle at either the Davis Cup or Fed Cup. And Bartoli has only played once in the Fed Cup, back in 2004.

However, Bartoli refuses to play in the Fed Cup as her father and coach Walter is not permitted to be involved under the FFT regulations for Fed Cup matches not permitting private coaches.

Bartoli blasted:

“The Olympics is last thing the FFT has. They can play their cards into the Olympics, but after that it’s going to be hard on them because then it’s my turn to criticise them.

For 15 years I haven’t been saying anything, but after the Olympics it’s going to be the start of a really big war.”

FFT boss Jean Gachassin claimed that Baroli sent a letter to the FFT apologising for her outburst.

Bartoli hit back:

“It is a good thing if we can meet so we can clarify things and start again anew, but it’s difficult for me to make any projections on this.

“You have healthy and positive relationships, and I think that is Jean’s attitude – he was sympathising with me and he supported me on a number of matches. Starting with good relationships with him we will see, then we will talk about the future.”



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