Wozniacki plans swift return

Caroline Wozniacki, EXCLUSIVE, News

Exclusive by Neil-Monticelli Harley-Rudd

carolinewozniacki-2012exclusiveCaroline Wozniacki will bring in coach Thomas Johansson after the 2012 French Open in a bid to return to the world no1 spot.

The Danish ace was world no1 for the majority of 2011, but since her well-publicised romance with professional golfer Rory McIlroy her results have been indifferent – and is perilously close to dropping out of the world’s top 10.

Wozniacki, who won the 2009 Eastbourne crown, has been delighted by the trial coaching from Johansson.

Team Wozniacki has contracted the 37-year-old former ATP Tour professional until the end of 2012 US Open.

Her father Piotr explained:

“We have made agreements and put together a plan with him, but he also has other work and a family.

“He is very experienced and has played tennis at a high level, so he can see some things others might not see.

“It is good that he also lives in Monaco, so we can all work together. He will be ready when we get back from Roland Garros.”

Johansson, who reached the top 10 at singles and captured the 2002 Australian Open crown, enthused:

“Caroline’s a great player and she should be a fixture in the world’s top three.

“We must give it some time because one doesn’t make miracles in such a short time.”


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